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Hospice Care | Anticipatory Grief Support

In January, Horizons Bereavement Center introduced a new support group called Anticipatory Grief Support for Caregivers. This program offers caregivers help and mental health support as soon as they walk through our doors. Meetings are facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who discusses topics such as:

  • Stress management to balance conflicting demands
  • Coping with loss when a diagnosis is given
  • Self-care and replenishing oneself as an essential need while caring for a loved one

Your generous donation helps provide emotional, physical and spiritual support to caregivers as soon as their loved one begins receiving hospice care. You are an essential part of our family, because your gift makes everything we do possible. 

Your Generosity Heals

For more information about the Anticipatory Grief Support for Caregivers group and how you can give to AdventHealth Hospice Care, contact us at 407-303-2927

or visit AdventHealthHospiceCentralFlorida.com 

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