Breast Cancer Care Fund
Breast Cancer Care Fund
A Legacy of Generosity
 Rarely in life do you receive a gift and not know the giver—or even that the gift occurred. That is what happens every day to patients at AdventHealth. The outstanding care experience provided to our community is possible in part because of the generosity of people like you. Generosity has been a part of our legacy since we were founded in 1908. We practice excellence and impact lives through partnerships with thousands of people who give in different ways. Join us as provide hope and healing for people in our community and beyond.

Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors 
Women diagnosed with breast cancer at AdventHealth have access to state-of-the-art, holistic care to support the healing of their mind, body and spirit. Our integrative medicine programs provide resources to ensure every woman has the support they need on their survivorship journey.Serving Women in Need Breast cancer is the second-most common cancer and second-leading cause of cancer death in women. Each year, an estimated 40,000 women die from breast cancer, and annual mammograms are the most effective tool in the fight. Since 2010, AdventHealth has been helping women be more than a statistic. The Breast Cancer Care Fund supports the over 1,000 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients treated every year at AdventHealth. Your support provides vital resources to women throughout our community. 

Your generosity can provide: 
  • - Early detection and treatment: Screenings and diagnostic testing 
  • - Risk assessment and genetic counseling: Risk-assessment support and intervention options to prevent the development of breast cancer
  • - Research and clinical trials: Innovative research and clinical studies for more personalized treatment in patients who may not respond to common therapies
  • - Community education and awareness: Promotion of routine mammograms and self-exams 
  • - Survivorship: Supporting the complex needs of breast cancer survivors for years to come
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