Child Life at AdventHealth for Children
Child Life at AdventHealth for Children
Play is an essential part of your child’s health and well-being. At AdventHealth for Children, child life specialists are available to help promote a positive stay for both you and your child. Our child life specialists work with the multidisciplinary team to reduce stress and create an environment that helps support your child’s emotional and physical health. Our highly skilled team leads and delivers exceptional psychosocial care, developmentally appropriate education, therapeutic play, and emotional support for children and adolescents. Our child life specialists are bachelor’s and/or master’s trained professionals certified by the Association of Child Life Professionals. Through play and emotionally supportive interventions, our child life team will help to create an exceptional experience for you and your child during your stay at AdventHealth for Children. 

Child Life services are provided at no cost to children or their families. This important service is completely funded through the generosity of our community. Your support today helps ensure this vital resource is available to every child at AdventHealth for Children.

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