Little Wishes at AdventHealth for Children
Little Wishes at AdventHealth for Children
Thank you for supporting Little Wishes™ at AdventHealth for Childeren, formally Florida Hospital for Children!

This fundraising page supports the Play & Activity Fund at AdventHealth for Children formally Florida Hospital for children with support from the Little Wishes™. Little Wishes™ is designed to bring comfort and happiness for hospitalized children. With Little Wishes™, we help provide our patients with gifts to brighten their stay in the hospital. We are also able to utilize funds to purchase gifts and decorations for patients who are having a birthday while in the hospital.

Through this program, we are able to provide our pediatric and adolescent patients with toys, activities, arts and crafts, comfort items, distraction items, or other items to help ease their pain or anxiety and/or helps to make their stay in the hospital more positive.

Thank you for making Little Wishes™ possible for our pediatric and adolescent patients at AdventHealth for Children

Little Wishes™ is a nonprofit organization staffed entirely by volunteers. Founded in 2003 by Pediatric nurses, Little Wishes™ was created to bring comfort and happiness to hospitalized children.

Little Wishes™ grants requests of limited dollar amounts but of significant value to seriously ill children during their hospitalization. These children’s treatments can often be rigorous, painful, and the effects lasting – both physically and mentally. The delivery of a modest gift greatly eases hospitalized children’s pain and serves to improve their spirits and outlook during their hospitalization. Little Wishes™ asks the hospitalized children what brings them joy and what they feel passionate about.

Some examples of children’s desires have been books, music, DVD's, art supplies, clothing, toys and games. Children receive all Little Wishes™ gifts in the hospital with the purpose of bringing comfort and distraction to the child enduring medical treatments and regimes. What makes the Little Wishes™ program unique is that a child may make another request fourteen days after receiving their first gift! This is beautiful for children who endure frequent hospitalizations or for a child who has been in the hospital for weeks or months at a time. It gives the child a significant and happy event to look forward to.
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