Dining with Diabetes- Taste and Learn
Dining with Diabetes- Taste and Learn
Almost 30 million children and adults in the United State have diabetes, and 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes. Every year 1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. These alarming statistics can be reduced through preventive care, education, and a change in lifestyle.

Join us in helping children and adults living with diabetes access the education, preventative care, and cooking lessons needed to make a positive lifestyle change through the Dining with Diabetes Taste and Learn Cooking series.

You can help provide free educational cooking demonstrations for patients and their families living with diabetes throughout Central Florida. A sponsorship is $5 per participant per class. That means that you can sponsor 10 participants for only $50! An entire class is $500 to sponsor.

Located in AdventHealth Diabetes Institute's Trina Hidalgo Demonstration Kitchen formally Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute‚Äôs Trina Hidalgo Demonstration Kitchen, the Dining with Diabetes live cooking demonstrations provide life-changing education in nutrition and food preparation. Each class includes techniques, tips, and tastings presented by AdventHealth's Chef Edwin Cabrera, ACFEI, Michele Jachim, RD and local and national celebrity guest chefs.
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