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Take care of yourself, while caring for the community.

CREATION Health Employees will donate $1 for every employee screened to the AdventHealth Wellness Care program to fight teen obesity. If all 25,000 employees complete their biometric screening, that’s $25,000 donated. 

Every Dollar Counts. In 2017, nearly $11,000 was donated through biometric screenings. We know that generosity heals and if you’re looking to make a bigger impact, we welcome you to donate directly to the Wellness Care program.

Your Donations at Work. Here are a few illustrations of how your gift can help fight teen obesity through the Florida Hospital for Children Weight and Wellness Program:

$5 – Water Infuser Bottle

$10 – Healthy Cookbook

$20 – Health and Wellness Gift Card (Subway, Fitlife Foods, Whole Foods, Academy Sports, and more)

$25- Extra Nutrition Counseling Session with Program’s Dietitian

$35- ½ hour of Personal Training Session for 1 Teen

$70- 1 hour of Small Group Fitness Training for 4-5 Teens

$ 90- 1 Activity Tracker Per Teen (example: Garmin Vivofit, Fitbit)

$100- 3 months of Kurbo Health Coaching + Kurbo App per Teen

$200- 6-month YMCA Gym Membership for 1 Teen + 1 Parent/Guardian

$300- 1 Cooking Class with Gardening for 24 Teens (From Seed to Table Experience; $200 per cooking class + $100 for gardening class)  

$525- 15 Half-Hour Personal Training Sessions

$1,255 – Full cost of 6-Month Program for 1 Child/Teen (Includes 3 Office Visits with Obesity Medicine Pediatrician, 4 Visits with Clinical Health Psychologist; 4 Visit with Dietician; 4 visits with Exercise Physiologist, 6 Programs Educational Workshop’s, and 3-months of Kurbo health coaching + Kurbo app).

Your generosity heals.

If you need assistance, please call us at (407) 303-2784 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or email us at    

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